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Thursday, January 5, 2012

SIlver Nitrate 8x10 Tank

     In order to reach my goal tomorrow of photographing my first full plate I had to make my own silver nitrate tank. I did my research and am currently making one as I write this. I have the first half glued and just allowing it to set. I am using quarter inch clear acrylic that was a remnants piece and cost be around $10.00 with tax. The total size was about 29 inches by 10.75 inches. I picked the remnants with that was 10.75 inches because I knew with my measurements it would lead to fewer cuts and would allow for a 8x10 tank.

       I got the most help from watching a youtube video on how to make plastic box. Coming up with the exact measurements and taking into consideration the width of material did confuse me a bit but after watching this video it helped. This video also convinced me to use the quarter inch thick material because it would lead to less tools. Also I found that I can use my husbands torch and melt the edges for a cleaner finish. Since I am constructed another mobile dark box I plan to create three tanks just like this one to fix inside within their own compartments.

     Here are all the pieces laid out ready to go. S & W Plastics charges $2.00 per cut. In total I had six cuts, but I had a return so it covered the cost of my cuts, (they used a table saw).

     Close up of how the box is constructed. Remember when you create your box to take into consideration the thickness of the material.

       The YouTube video recommended this needled bottle. For the life of me I could not get mine to work. Not sure what I did wrong but it just would not put out the glue. I know it would have been beneficial, but dispensing glue straight from the tube worked just as fine. For a cleaner and my elegant appearance use the needle.

    The glue I used and a close up of the needled bottle.


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