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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chemistry Set

   Here it is all laid out! Chemistry mixing 101 for me. Yesterday I mixed two batches of collodion, glass cleaning, and one bath of developer. I made everything in small quantities so they can be tested and compared. I would have liked to make a developer using the grain alcohol from TJ, but I ran out of containers. I mixed the two collodion bottles one using denatured alcohol and the other using TJ alcohol. Both smell, pour, and look very similar so when I test them later today I will know.

Here is the glass cleaner I made. I am absolutely in love with this formula! Cleans the glass perfectly! The formula called for only 10ml of denatured alcohol, but I added more because it was to thick.

Here is 16 gram of ferrous sulfate. A rather lovely color for a chemical.

Close up of the ferrous sulfate.

The developer is a light yellow/green. I know after oxidation it should turn orange.

Handy dandy scale I received as an awesome gift!

     The collodion and ether I ordered from B&S. Everything was sealed tight no leaks or stench. When I was done with the collodion I mixed the ether and collodion into one bottle for later usage. I did keep some ether separate because over time the Quick Clear formula is said to thicken so for dilution purposes you add 50/50 ether and alcohol.

  Ammonium iodide and the all scary cadmium bromide. Cadmium bromide is most dangerous in powder form. It is a carcinogen and do not get in your eyes or inhale! I had a respirator on the whole time accompanied by chemical goggles.

Clear and a very light yellow. No precipitate because I do not use potassium.

This denatured alcohol is from Home Depot and was around $16.00

    Repainted my dark box and on the inside I have the ugliest yellow color I have ever seen, but visibility in the box is improved by like 300%. Also you can see the black box on the left laying down. That is my new 8x10 silver nitrate box. Unfortunately, this box is to small for the silver bath to work. I made the silver tank before the new mobile dark box because I can shoot in the shed by my house. I am in such  hurry to get a 8x10 image under my belt. I plan to start constructing a new mobile dark box in a week.

     The wood that was used for the silver tank was free, but the wood splintered horribly when it was cut to make the top. I went to Ace Hardware and purchased some wood filler for $6.00 and patched the whole thing up and smoothed it out. Took me about 3 hours to patch, sand, patch, sand, dry and finally paint. Well worth it! I also added a light tight seal to the inside of the box.

Here is the box with the first coat of patching material. Waiting to dry and be sanded.

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  1. Blimey you have been busy.

    I'd be interested in what you find out about the results form the different types of collodion. I've only used quickclear and have always wondered if other recipes would be better.

    Keep up the good work,