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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

100% Success!

     Yesterday before class I did my collodion and developer test and everything went so perfect! Clear plates, easy flowing, and great exposures. I do not know if it is just me but this new collodion I have mixed has the most gorgeous tonal range! I love this quick clear formula and will never ever use anything else again. The developer was made with denatured alcohol and works perfect! The two collodion I made are identical in results. The TJ collodion maybe was a little bit faster in the exposure and development, and the denatured alcohol was 15 sec. development at F11 in open shade. I can not tell the difference between the TJ and denatured alcohol from Home Depot. My next test would be to make devleoper out of the TJ alcohol. I am so thrilled with these results and can not wait to shoot a 7.5x9.5 plate today after class!

       This is denatured alcohol. There is no editing in photoshop besides flipping the image horizontal.
There is a slight color difference between the plates, but in person the dentaured alcohol plate is not this green.

    TJ Plate. Looks a little sharper in person and has a different color in person. Again I have not touched it in photoshop these are straight screen shots from my scanner.

Here is a screen shot of some other shots from the day. I have to hurry to welding class.

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