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Sunday, March 4, 2012


       So I have been working on ways to upgrade my business and branding. The way I started in photography was shooting cars and in that lifestyle culture branding is everything! Everyone knows Cadillac's emblem from Chevy's and the differences between the two. It is automatic when you see a 1956 Cadillac and a 1955 Chevy there is a different attitude, style, and marketing plan for each. Chevy was the average Joe where as the Cadillac was the supreme luxury car for the Don Draper's of the world. Long point short I want my branding and name to be "cool". I want my style of photography to stand out and be recognized easily on the low rider or hot rodder scene. So change of name and logo. A lot of updating because presentation is everything! Not everyone knows what wet plate collodion photography is, but everyone knows the old wooden cameras with the dark clothe over them and Civil War photographs. To make it simple new name: Jessee St. John. It is androgynous and easy to remember. I am working on a new website, new business cards, and a fancy new mobile dark box. Long way to go, but these upgrades and minor adjustments will pay off when meeting new potential clients. 

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