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Monday, February 6, 2012

Tripod Adapter

     For about $13 I made a 5x7 tripod adapter. Did not take me to long and is sturdy as can be.

I used the some wood scrap from the cases. I traced the camera onto the wood and tried to figure out which hardware I needed to work best.

I went to Ace Hardware and picked up some rubber spacers, acorns, washers, and the U hooks to hold down the camera. The camera already had these three loops I could take the U hooks and hold them down with.

Drilled the holes and made one for the center where the tripod head will attach.

Bottom view of the camera with the wood cut down and everything assembled. In a few days I plan to stain the wood to match the camera.

Without the tripod head.

U hooks clamping down on the camera. I also had these flat washers that went underneath the chrome part of the camera to make it flatter and look cleaner.

Camera is now protected off the ground with the adapter.

To attach the tripod plate to the camera I have this little screw which grabs very nicely onto the plate and gives for a great secure hold.

This is a picture of a tree I took testing the 5x7 tripod adapter. This is actually up on a hill near my house and the camera was tilted far back and exposure was long. So 5x7 adapter is proven successful! I feel like shooting some landscapes tomorrow since I have been in a portrait rut. Until then...

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