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Monday, March 19, 2012

Interfit Lighting Kit & Extras

    After two months I finally got to shoot with my interfit lighting kit on Friday. A long story short I was sent two bad heads in the mail, plus three bad lights. Sent them back to N.Y. and they arrived back like three weeks later. Then more lights were bad and bulbs were being exchange from CA and NY. The kit was almost $600 including shipping and each bulbs runs around $22.
  I used my Sinar P with my 210mm lens and was able to get F6.3 at 7-9 seconds. The weather here is really cold and all my developing is done outside in the dark box. Everything was a success and I was very happy with the turn out. In addition, the lights do not get hot at all!
  In regards to the collodion the denatured alcohol was much to slow for the indoor lighting set up. The image on the far right is with the denatured alcohol at F6.3 at 11-12 seconds and still was not good as the middle image which was with the grain alcohol from Mexico at F6.3 at 9 seconds. I plan to mix some new collodion very soon and I think I will make just the Mexican grain alcohol.

Also bought this really cool alcohol lamp in Hemet for $10. Made in Germany is works way better than my other alcohol lamp.

Replaced the wick

 Was not to bad getting the new wick in. The gears on the lamp work perfectly.

At my local hardware store I picked up some music wire for $1.50 and used it in my 4x5 plate holders.

One of the many birds that steal my dogs food. Also you can see it was just about to rain. In fact, (more on it later), my plates from Saturday withstood rain and flooding!

 Lighting kit in action! I believe it has 12 bulbs in it. You see my 8x10 camera here. I wanted to use it, but the plates would fall out of the film holder. I hope to use a router and cut into the holder...

Ground glass. Using the picker upper as a way to focus before I sat down.

Trying to rig some sort of way to focus.

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