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Monday, March 26, 2012

New website and 8x10 Film Holders

  Been a very busy last couple of weeks. Couple of weeks ago I worked with Leslie Stevens on her album cover and this coming up weekend I will be in Chino at the 7th Annual Civil War Re-Enactment event. Also in April I will be at the Pomona Swap meet. Today I managed to get my new site up and running. I still need to do a lot of shooting and create stronger worker, but I love my new site! It is actually ipad, and iphone friendly! New site:

Last week I modified my 8x10 holders to hold a whole plate,( 6x8).  I followed the basic directions from Alex Timmermans site and then I tweaked it to fit my glass.

My husband used his hand grinder to cut out the square. His hand was steady enough and the blade was thin enough for him to get the corners. He did a great job of cutting straight!

 To prevent the silver nitrate and water from ruining my wooden holders I sprayed them with this clear gloss. Cheap and I used the whole can for all of my holders. It did smell really bad so I used my respirator.

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