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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Designing the new banner

     There are many vintage graphics to reference when designing something new for my business, but there are so many it is hard to choose from. Ironically, I am way better at Illustrator than Photoshop. I love Illutrator and creating vector art. For my banner, which is a six feet by four feet, I set out to design something totally vintage with awesome clip art and something that would definitely stand out. The design at the top was my first rough draft where I had everything pretty much laid out and the type correct. It did seem strong as black and white, but knew that would not catch every ones eye. I then set out to study some tutorial online and create a background that was eye catching, but not to bright.

Using brushed and textures I was able to create a really nice distressed background. I can not wait till this is printed! I will be able to use it this weekend in Temecula at the Vail Lake Civil War Re-enactment! Will post pictured of it at my booth and hope it attracts new customers.

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  1. HEy Dude. Good to seeyour banner work. It seems hard work Toronto website designer well done..!!