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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yuma, Arizona January 28th-29th 2013 & Dickens Festival

     Just got back from Vail Lake this weekend in Temecula, CA and I had a great time with all the other sutlers! Made a lot of plates and have been impatiently waiting for them to cure so I can scan and upload the pictures. After asking others which event they recommend next, everyone spoke very highly of the event in Yuma, Arizona. This event is held January 28th-29th and as a birthday gift to myself I am going to back up and head out.
     The Yuma Quartermaster Depot is not only a historic site, but the living history weekend should be awesome! At the event I will be offering sixth, quarter, and half plate portraits in addition to cases accompanying each size. That is right my half cases are almost finished and ready to be sold. I have been working a long time on my cases and can not wait to have them set for January. In addition, soon to be added to the stop will be reproduction union thermoplastic frames. Stay tuned because the store is expanding rapidly and new images will be up shortly.
Charles Dickens

     In addition, for Febryart 2013 I plan to be a vendor at the Dickens Festival in Downtown Riverside on Main Street. Dance classes are being held each Wednesday till February so attendees can brush up on their dancing skills. Next week I plan to attend the lessons for the first time so when it comes time for the ball down I will not have two left feet. You can visit the website for updates and I have included the form to buy tickets to the ball and different events throughout the weekend.
    Now for Dickens and the ball the main question is what to wear? I have been very foruntate to meet some very talented woman and the dresses and supplies they provide to create the most gorgeous gowns make me so envious! If you are ever in need of a ballgown or period correct clothing make sure to check out Victorian Designs by Lily, (Lily is also a milliner and create any hat you desire!), Kansas Mercantile by Shelly Peters, and Truly Victorian.
The "Shelley Ballgown"

Heather McNaughton - Costume Designer
Victorian Designs by Lily: costume designer and milliner

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