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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Vail Lake Temecula December 9, 2012

    Last weekend I attended the Vail Lake Civil War Re-enactment in Temecula. I was unable to make it on Saturday because I still had the flu, but Sunday made it all worth it! John fired the canons, and I ran throughout the camp photographing the re-enactors. Battery B, 4th US Artillery was kind enough to loan a uniform to John and have him fire the canons. They were also kind enough to hold still and allow me to photograph them. The picture above is of the Battery posing by the canons. 




Valkyrie stayed so still and allowed me to photograph her. Her owner, (pictured above), designed a custom buggy for Valkyrie so she can get around easily through camp because she has arthritis.

     The woman sutlers posing. The sun was beaming right on them and I greatly appreciate their patient while waiting for the plate in the silver bath.

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