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Friday, November 18, 2011

UC Santa Cruz Adventure

      At the beginning of the summer my little sister Rachael graduated at the top of her class from UC Santa Cruz. She recived her B.A. in Art History and the family took one giant road trip to celebrate. Of course I begged my parents to allow me to take up the majority of the back seat and haul along my wet plate collodion supplies. This was a true test for the efficiency the box and my father constructed. The box was able to hold all chemicals and not cause any unhappiness during the 6-8 hour trip.
     As a rather selfish graduation gift, I photographed my sister in her cap and gown. Having great success with all my field shooting experiences, for some reason Santa Cruz showed great resistence. The first spot we selected did not provide enough light... so the family drove down the hill to the old barn for the final sitting.

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