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Monday, December 19, 2011

Raw Show

     So here it is! The RAW Artist RAWK Holiday show held on December 8th. A very good turn out and a well accepted respsonse by all the attendees. It was very exiciting to have plates on display for everyone to hold in their hands and get the full "collodion effect". The show could not have gone any better, and I am so exicted to share this set up in Pasadena.

 Not only was this the biggest show I have yet to participate in, but it was also the shortest! The show spanded for nearly four hours and was so much fun! It was a shame we had to set up and tear down that day. Luckily, for me the preptime before the show totoally paid off and the total time to set up was 15 minutes! The show was held at Sevilla Nightclub, and no walls were provided to hang artwork. My dad, John, and myself created and designed these walls that are mobile, therefore, greating a mobile gallery! It is funny to think that all my work is mobile and not exactly stationary in one place.

      This is the image of John and Ssavannah that was a definite crowd favorite. It was hilarious when people went up to John and told him it was am amazing self-portrait. People thought he was the photographer... and looking back at the set up I think I would have assumed the same.

     Plates on display! And awesome postcards that kept going like hot cakes!

     To be efficient with space I made the walls double sided so the people first entering the night club could see my work first and be directed my way.

     CMYK Magazine, email list, and my new plate holder box!

     A big success! Everyone enjoyed themselves! Thank you to everyone who came out and everyone who sent their good wishes on over. 

Finally here I am proudly standing next to my booth. I can not believe I was able to put everything together so fast and ready to put up and take down quickly. I hope to participate in the Art Walk at Riverside in January and do this same set up street style.

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