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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ikea Trip

    On Tuesday night John and I went to a HVAC lecture at the Edison Education Center in Irwindale. We were already in Diamond Bar so figured we would check it out. The food was amazing!! I swear this lecture was for free, but it was like fine dinning! Anywho we stayed for the lecture and it was a great review. On our way back home I asked John if we could swing into IKEA. On Alex Timmermans blog he mentioned a super cheap plate rack he had found at IKEA. I ran to the kitchen knick knack aisle and there it was for a whole $5.99 my perfect plate rack! Also, for $3.99 each I purchased my new silver nitrate bottles.
    Today I will be filtering my silver bath and working on more Holga plates. Hope it goes well.

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