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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5x7 Camera from India

     When I first began wet plate collodion photography I purchased a camera on ebay for $200 from India. I at first regretted it because it was an impulse buy. I had no lens for it nor a tripod adapted for it. Well last month I was even going to put it back on ebay and sell it. Luckily my Uncle had some projector lenses he did not need anymore. He was not sure why he kept them, but gave them to me last week. A miracle happened and three out of the five lenses he gave me fit this camera! It was meant to be! So today I tested the camera and lenses and they work!!

My 5x7 camera with a 80mm lens.

Earlier today before heading to Orange County I went to Home Depot to purchase some glass. I found this faux leather contact paper, which is used in drawers. Got this whole role for $7.00. Next time I go to Blick I will be returning the $16.00 leather paper to them.

Close up of the paper. This is also thinner than the book binding leather.

Work table.

Here is the film holder which came with the camera and is really awesome!

Close up of the lenses.

Here is the insert that came with the film holder. I am capable of doing 5x7 plates and smaller!

Back view of the camera

The second shot I took with the camera. F22 for 46 seconds. I am just happy the camera worked!!

Here is the first plate. This is a digital copy of the image while it is drying. I did not have a tripod for the camera so it moved on the trash can I had it set up on. I think this is the second or third time my trash cans outside have come in handy as a tripod support for one of my cameras. Tomorrow will be a new day and I hope to get started early and work on the tripod adapter for this bad boy.

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