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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Extended Dunker

     Here she is extended and ready to go! Cost me a whopping $4.61. So the silver is on its way and the process shall begin all over again. I also noticed that my husband's dremel can cut through 1/8th inch acrylic. I did not realize it and assumed that it would crack the acrylic. Well to my surprise it cut like butter! Another alternative would have been to buy a remnant 1/8th acrylic sheet and have him cut me out another dunker. But since I already had this original dunker when I bought my first silver tank I decided to just go with it. 
     I plan to make more tanks for my new dark box and this first prototype was a very good success! No leaks and affordable for me. If I were to change anything I would probably make the tank out of red acrylic and add a lid as well. I do not know if I were to leave a plate in my silver bath, in my current dark box, if it would become fogged. I have two openings for my hands in the box and when my hands are submerged it is light tight.... I bet if I were to just roll up the openings in the box it should be ok. Another thing to think about... now off to shoot some flowers!

Here is the 4.5" extension piece.

Connected and waiting for the support piece.

I had an extra piece of acrylic so to add more support we glued it on top of the extension piece and it overlapped onto the connect pieces to add stability.

Drying in the sun and waiting to be used.

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