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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silver Tank Cont.

     Just ordered the extra silver from Artcraft Chemicals and I am ready for next weeks VINTAGE VALENTINE portraits at the Folk Tree. Before I processed my payment I measured how much water my tank can hold. I added a piece of 7.5x9.5 glass along with the plate "dunker". I do not know the official word used for the spatula shaped acrylic holder that allows you to pull the plate out and in to the bath.

      Anways, since both of those have weight it means less silver and less distilled water needed. In the end I calculated my tank to hold 1200mL of water. This much water will cover the plate perfectly without spilling. In addition, my dunker was from my original smaller tank. Since S & W Plastics would charge me and arm and a leg to make another one I have come up with a simple solution.

        Here is what I mean by my plate dunker. It is to short for my new silver tank and I have to go back to S&W tomorrow to have a 1.5x4.5 inch piece of 1/8th acrylic cut to add more length. It should cost me under $8.00. A new whole plate silver bath tank costs over $100, not including shipping. So far I am in under $20.00.

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