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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Workbook Study No. 3: COMMENCEMENT OF 2012

     2012 is finally here and with this new year I have decided quit possibly bite off more than I can chew. These projects have been done over and over and are nothing new, and would say this is not an original idea, but simply a challenge to myself. I have decided to take a collodion photograph or to accomplish something collodion related every day this year. Yes a big commitment in time and to my wallet, but I know it will be worth it. With twenty-four hours in a day there has has to be 45 minutes I can dedicate to take one image or a blog post. This image may not be successful or beautiful, but it a stepping stone and is a place holder for the slow progression to becoming a better photographer.
      These photographs will be shown or called "workbook studies". So far I have already done three and have found these studies to be relaxing, and a wonderful escape to clear my head for awhile each day and spend time being creative. Wish me well because this is a serious endeavour. I hope you enjoy the images.

     I am currently working on a study of flowers. I find flowers to help me focus and study everything from color, to pose, to lighting. It is a lot easier to practice my techniques when I have no one around. I simply set up my equipment in my drive way and create what ever I want. No criticism or outside options. I feel as though these images are not there yet. They are better than my first flower images by far. In a way these images are in limbo. They are not to boring nor are they emotionally moving. Back to the drawing board.

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