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Friday, December 30, 2011

Preparing for 2012 Projects

      In preparation for 2012 I have decided go take a big girl pill and invest in a 8x10 camera and some lenses. The investment was not to hard on my wallet because each purchase was totally in my budget. Most brass lenses and wet plate cameras are overly priced, and the cameras need to be custom made. In addition you need a fixer box, plate holder, and sturdy tripod. I was luck enough to have good fortune in December and within two weeks found everything I needed...well it kind of found me. None the less I am officially ready and prepared to shoot 8x10. For whatever purpose I want to wait till my birthday to shoot my first 8x10 plate. I will be turning 24 and what better way to celebrate than with 8x10 birthday plates!

 Here she is! My gorgeous mint condition Kodak camera from the 1900s. She is everything a mother could ever ask for! She has no leaks and has a 4x5 reducing back!

 This is a set shot from my work book study No. 3 which I should have posted tomorrow. Here is my sinar p 4x5 camera.

 Here is my little helper Snoopy Loppy.

 My cart and work bench. A fairly easy and relaxed set up.

 Cell phone picture of plate number 1. These are practice shots for the Hearts and Flowers Show at the Folk Tree in Janurary.

Plates have been varnished and are now drying. Plan to scan tomorrow afternoon.

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