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Monday, January 2, 2012

Custom Lens Board

     Two weeks ago I purchased a vintage projector lens for $38.00 at this awesome antique store at the Orange Circle. The brand is Mc intosh Stereopticon. The lens was tucked away with other knick knacks hiding. When I found it I could not believe it! No mold, everything works, and perfect for my 8x10. So today I went and had a custom lens board made. I went to the metal warehouse near my house and purchased a lightweight piece of aluminum for $3.00. Then across the street I went to the machine shop and explained what I needed.

On the right is the raw piece of aluminum and on the lens if the finished product. We had the machinist drill  hole the diameter of the lens and then add threads. The lens is a fine thread so it was hard to find something already done at home depot or any hardware store. In addition, the four holes in the corner will allow the aluminum board to then be screwed into a piece of wood, which will be made later this week. 

You can see the threads here. The guys shop was amazing! Wish I could photograph them using this lens, but they are so busy I would only get in the way.

When I purchased the Kodak camera, the previous owner gave me an extra lens board. The only flaw is there is a piece of wood that has been chipped off and will not stay on the front standards of the camera. The good thing I can use this board as a template and example for when I take it to the wood shop and show them what I need. The final process of getting this lens board together is having the wooden piece made and then the metal screwed in.

Close up of the lens. She covers my 8x10 easily and should be tested this Friday.

I know weight may be a concern, but this aluminum is lighter than it looks. I am pretty sure my camera will be able to easily support this lens and board without and issues....I will see later this week.


This picture shows the uneven side of the wooden lens board.

Close up of the threading on the corner holes.

Before Friday I need to have the wooden lens board completed as well as my larger silver nitrate tank. I have already purchased the quarter inch acrylic and supplies needed. Unfortunately, I do not own a table saw to cut the acrylic. On Wednesday I will be heading over to Pasadena to have my dad help me construct the tank and cut the acrylic. If I have time I can stop by my favorite glass shop in Eagle Rock and purchase 7.5x9.5 inch black glass. In the coming weeks I also plan to begin constructing a brand new mobile dark box that will be more streamline and light weight.

Here is my current box that will be retired by February.

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