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Monday, January 2, 2012

Workbook Study No. 4: Dust and Scratches

     To save hours and hours of time there is one trick that has allowed my work flow to be efficient and edit images in a snap. Being that I have a mobile darkroom my plates do get dirty during transport, just the nature of the beast. After varnishing and scanning my plates appear to have tons of dust and spots all over them. Before I knew about dust and scratches I would literally spend hours cleaning up my plates or film. After discovering to just go to Filter>Noise>Dust and Scratches my life changed forever! Sure I had my 5 minute tantrum and yelled and screamed that I never knew about this feature. Long story short it is AMAZING! You do have to be very careful because this filter will also make your image blurry and take away sharpens in edges. Learn from my mistake and give it a go.

Here is one of those images I never thought I could give up and wrote it off. Thanks to randomly discovering Dust and Scratches it lives!

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