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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Workbook Study No. 1

In preparation for the new year I have begun to brainstorm ideas to further my learning as a collodion artists. I have decided to create a workbook which will include all the studies of specimens or techniques I do in preparation for a shoot. I hope my studies will help others out, because I have gained the majority of my knowledge from asking questions and reading about other peoples experiences.  Here is my first study for the new workbook. This study is for an upcoming show I will be in at The Folk Tree in Pasadena. In addition to having images on the wall, and cards, I will also be photographing Vintage Valentine themed portraits. These portraits are for $75.00 which includes a varnished 4x5 plate, and archival 8.5x11 inch photograph. More to come on that a bit later. I know these plates are somber, but unfortunately reflect the mood of this last week. copyright Jessee Torres

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