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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Box and my Booth at the Folk Tree Jan. 21st-22nd

     Things are finally coming together! I know this is certainly a learning stage and will be making these boxes for many years to come. So here is my first almost completed box. It needs the glass and the plate needs to be varnished, but other than that I did it! I know it is not history correct, but I like this open shadow box effect and I can hang it on a wall.
    Also, John and I went this morning to an estate sale. Found some awesome vintage goodies including an original never used 1940s "Exposure Meter" and two sets of 1948 Pin Up playing cards never opened. A very successful morning of treasure hunting. I also got these two wood inserts for $1.00

Before Shots of the Wood

  Painted the smaller frame with a Montana Chrome spray paint. Still needs two more coats.

I made the outer wood frame this morning and here is the oval frame painted with the Montana brand spray paint in Copper. I plan to use this case to frame my first 8x10 ambrotype.

    Back to the smaller case I first made. You can see the red is much brighter. This is before I added the black velvet piece inside to hide the messy paper fold.

Here it is! My first case! The plate needs to be varnished and I need to put clear glass inside to protect it. But otherwise a long a tedious experience. I know the rest of the cases will go much smoother!

Also make sure you check out the FOLK TREE in Pasadena tomorrow from 2-6pm I will have a booth and be showing my work and explaining the process. Due to weather the portraits will be taken next week. Thank you and see you there: 217 S. Fair Oaks Pasadena 626.795.8733

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